The Police

A police is a institute of security state, the police has a job to catch criminals, to give security, and also to preven crime. Usually the police stands in public area such as; at the market, street, concer mucic, tournament football and others. All people need the police, because the police has main duty for protech and secure all people.
Although the image of police is very broken according most people, but not all police make mistakes, such as; statue of police, picture of police, and speed bump. Since I was child, I have had dream become a good police and can protect all people especially my family and friends from the criminality action.
In my opinion to be the police is noble job and loyal for my nation. For this reason I will get a job as a police, and other reason police is the doughter in low dream. So there is no reason to be a police.
In conclusion of my opinion, I want to choice a job to be a police. With consideration and reason as explanation of the above

Nb: ini merupakan tulisan tugas harian dalam kelas writing mohon koreksi jika ada yang salah dalam baik grammer, spelling dll. thanks.

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