The Mass Media Mudslinger

According to Mr. Changara, a media observer, he said the mass media as a tool used in the a delivery of messages from the source to public people. Using mechanical means of communication such as; tabloid, magazine, newspaper, television, radio, and internet or media online. More and more development the mass media and importance politic. The fact many mass media payment for give information lible.
The mass media always play a role in existence of a nation and state. in that  case mass media always give hot issue for all people, but result the importance of politic many mass media and journalist give information issue lible and unscruoulous, because owner of mass media is a leader of politic party for example mr. SP and mr. HT.
From my prespective owner of mass media or media taycon dosen not make mass media a tol used campagn or advertisement politic party, despite ther is no constitute which seting about it. Because I worry this will make people counfused ond do not believe again with mass media.
In conclusion about this topic in my opinion the mass media must back to function become mass media which always give information balanced for reader or audience. Mass media must be creadible, independent, and objective.

Notebook: ini merupakan tulisan tugas harian dalam kelas writing mohon koreksi jika ada yang salah dalam baik grammer, spelling dll. thanks.

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