Story Of Holiday

The story of my holiday, most people usually spend their holiday when leave season work or shool, suc as off the semester, and the big day religious. They usually go tu popular destination and favorite destination, for example; Bali island, Lombok island, and the other destination. Whereas some people spend their holiday to visit zoo or water games near home with family or friend.
Different with many people, I always go on holida everyday not only whenleave season off the semester lecture, because I life in Bali, ordinary every evening visited kuta beach, for see sunset and every weekend morning visited sanur beach to look sunrise. Sometimes I visited several tourism places such as; lake Ulundanu,Tanah Lot, Blue Point beach, Dreamland beach and many others.
If the leave season off semester, usually spend my holiday with friend, to do activity camp in lake Buyan and sometimes, we hike to Batur mountain, Agung mountain, and Abang mountain. So I often go on hoiday when the other people still busy to work and school.

In conclusion, Indonesia has widesoread and many beautiful tourism. Ver loss if you are still in your house and keep working in company. Come on holiday! Before holiday forbidden in your country. To spent holiday, you can execute with any method. An important thing don’t forget be happy.

Notebook: ini merupakan tulisan tugas harian dalam kelas writing mohon koreksi jika ada yang salah dalam baik grammer, spelling dll. thanks.

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