How Crucial Your Health In Your Life.

Health is the grace of the most beautiful for everyone. If health distrube will make everything becomes calm, pootr feeding, hampered activity,body aches and others. According to constitution Republic of Indonesia number 23 in 1992. Health is a welfare from of body, soul, and social to enable more people to life socialy and economicaly productive.
Definition the health of the body must not only be understood but only practiced in everyday life. Because there is a slogan “Mensana in coroporo sano” which means, that in healty body there is a strong soul. There are many sases physical disease coused by preasure and mind stress, so between health and mental was related to each other.
The Method to keep a healthy body in order to create understanding of the health of the body that is real is to adapt a healthy lifestyle and regular. I have always tried to apply it in a way ; Firstly you must be always  positive thinking, secondly you must be consume four healty and five perfectly, threedly you mast be rest enough, ad the last sport morning after subuh and sport evening after ashar.

In conclusion, if healthy, I will not experience a loss or harm people if kept in a healthy condition and otherwise I would feel a loss if they are sick, even those closest to use would fell aggrieved. To stay healthy all people should follow the ways of keeping healthy above.

Notebook: ini merupakan tulisan tugas harian dalam kelas writing mohon koreksi jika ada yang salah dalam baik grammer, spelling dll. thanks.

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