Electrical Energy

According to Robert L Wolke, scientists of Fisika. He said energy server to do a job or activity. In addition, energy can not created, but also not be destroyed and also be transformed from one from to another” Therefore, the energy is etrnal. There are many kinds of energies for example; heat energy, light energy, motion energy, nuclear energy, chemistry energy, and electrical energy. I will going describe about electrical energy.
In my opinion about electrical energy, I think electrical energy widely used people everyday. For example as lighting. Electrical energy can also be used for turn off  furniture household such as; washing machine, television, radio, board, blender, rice cooker, and many others. In this modern era electrical energy also need to the vehicle.
Electrical energy is important for all people to ultilizer in the household, the company, industry, agriculture, plantation, and others. But unfortunately there are many areas or islands in my country do not have electrical energy facilities from government.
In conclusion, the need electrical energy will continue increased, government must add power supplay and do equity every areas or island in Indonesia.

Notebook: ini merupakan tulisan tugas harian dalam kelas writing mohon koreksi jika ada yang salah dalam baik grammer, spelling dll. thanks.

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